• Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Neratov –
• Nature Trails: Land´s Gate, On the ridge of the Eagle Mountains, Bedřichovka, Fortification of the Rokytnice area, On glassblowers track with Little Cathy
• Hiking tours to Velká Deštná, to the chapel of Kunštát, to Ana´s watchtower
• The outdoor Archaeological Museum, Villa Nova, Uhřínov pod Deštnou –
• The Museum of Winter Sports, Handicrafts and Tourism, in Deštné in the Eagle Mountains
• Museum of the Eagle Mountains Sýpka, Rokytnice in the Eagle Mountains–
• Museum Fortification Hanička –


• Rope park Deštné and Říčky in the Eagle Mountains,
• Horse riding at the Jockey Club Stables in Ekolife Orlické Záhoří
• Indoor heated pool in Orlické Záhoří at Apartmans u Cvrčků –
• Fishing in Deštné in the Eagle Mountains, at the chalet START –


Ski resorts – Orlické Záhoří:

+420775 234 869, +420 494 593 142


Ski resorts – at Bartošovice in the Eagle Mountains::

Nearby winter sports resorts:
Říčky v Orl.h. –
Deštné v Orl.h. –
Zieleniec (PL) –

Groomed trails of Orlické Záhoří:
Orlické Záhoří – Pěticestí – Homole,
Homole – Jelenka, Jelenka – Orlické Záhoří (Bedřichovka): 25 km

Orlické Záhoří (Bedřichovka CZ – Lasówka PL) – Orlické Záhoří (Kunštát): 5 km

Orlické Záhoří (Černá Voda) – NováVes – Mezivrší,
Mezivrší – Neratov ( Bartošovice v Orl.h.): 50 km

Current conditions of trail grooming at:
Information on the last trail grooming thanks to the GPS records from a snow groomer:
Reports of cross-country skiers on current conditions:
Information on current conditions in Poland:


The “History of glass melting” trail in the Eagle Mountains–‘With little Cathy’, on the trail of glass blowers from Orlické Záhoří to Deštné (or vice versa) in the Eagle Mountains. By car, by bike, or on foot, on the 15-km track from Deštné in the Eagle Mountains to Orlické Záhoří (or vice versa) you will find seven boards with information and history of glassworks and glassblowing, which used to be a source of livelihood in the Eagle Mountains.

In the tourist information offices in Orlické Záhoří and Deštné in the Eagle Mountains you can collect game forms and a map, and on the information boards along the trail you will find some competition codes, which you can write down on the forms. As a reward for a full set of codes you will receive glass coins depicting Little Cathy and the Smugglers. The first board is at the Museum in Deštné in the Eagle Mountains. The second board is at the restaurant Karolína. The third board is under the Masaryk’ chalet. The fourth board can be found about 1 km from the Masaryk’ chalet in the direction of Orlické Záhoří, close to the road on the right-hand side with an asphalt ramp. The fifth information board is situated almost in Orlické Záhoří – close to the chalet Bedřichovka. The sixth board is located about 400 metres from the chalet Bedřichovka towards the border bridge Bedřichovka-Lasówka, partly on the field road. And the seventh board is placed at the church of St John the Baptist in Orlické Záhoří.

If you don´t manage to visit all seven information boards at once, you can divide the trail between Orlické Záhoří (5 km) and Deštné in the Eagle Mountains (10 km) – the reward will be yours anyway! Come and see the life-size wooden nativity scene from Jan Rázek to Orlické Záhoří, which will be on display from the beginning of Advent until 2 February at the Municipal Office, and then it will be moved to the local church of St John the Baptist. Take a wander in Little Cathy´s fairytale empire. Follow the stories of the municipalities’ protectors and stamps – guidance can be found at


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